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Jeremiah 15:6-7 6 Thou hast forsaken me, saith the LORD, thou art gone backward: therefore will I stretch out my hand against thee, and destroy thee; I am weary with repenting. 7 And I will fan them with a fan in the gates of the land; I will bereave them of children, I will destroy my people since they return not from their ways.
Transcript: My son, many hear My voice and humble themselves before Me.  Some think they hear My voice; however, they have NOT humbled themselves before Me.  They still live in the world and follow the flesh - NOT My Spirit, but I still hear their prayers and move in and out before them, guiding their steps and hearts.
My son, the time is FAST APPROACHING when all My People will CRY OUT FOR ME!  They will see My Mighty Hand bring the Judgments that so many have spoken of and written.  My Remnant Children who have GIVEN UP ALL TO SERVE ME have been under EXTREME ATTACK by the enemy.


Jeremiah 3:21-25 21 A voice was heard upon the high places, weeping and supplications of the children of Israel: for they have perverted their way, and they have forgotten the LORD their God. 22 Return, ye backsliding children, and I will heal your backslidings. Behold, we come unto thee; for thou art the LORD our God. 23 Truly in vain is salvation hoped for from the hills, and from the multitude of mountains: truly in the LORD our God is the salvation of Israel. 24 For shame hath devoured the labor of our fathers from our youth; their flocks and their herds, their sons and their daughters. 25 We lie down in our shame, and our confusion covereth us: for we have sinned against the LORD our God, we and our fathers, from our youth even unto this day, and have not obeyed the voice of the LORD our God. 
Transcript: My son, I speak to those in My Body, those in My Church, those who call themselves by My Name, and even those of the Remnant who believe with their hearts that they are correct, …


Jeremiah 36:  22-24 22 Now the king sat in the winterhouse in the ninth month: and there was a fire on the hearth burning before him. 23 And it came to pass, that when Jehudi had read three or four leaves, he cut it with the penknife, and cast it into the fire that was on the hearth, until all the role was consumed in the fire that was on the hearth. 24 Yet they were not afraid, nor rent their garments, neither the king, nor any of his servants that heard all these words.
Transcript: My son, I SPEAK NOW to those who call themselves by My Name - those who REFUSE to hear My words, those who REFUSE to hear My voice!!  
I say, there is NO REPENTANCE coming from those who have heard My warnings and mock those I have sent!!  I have seen NO CALL to the lost to turn from your evil ways - but just the opposite - to rest and enjoy the blessings that you have created of yourselves!  I have NOT blessed you -- I have been sending judgments to WAKE YOU FROM YOUR SLEEP!!!
My son, My People DO NOT FEAR M…


2 Timothy 2:25-26 25 In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth; 26 And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.
Transcript: My son, as 2019 is the YEAR OF DECISION, 2020 will be the YEAR OF RECOVERY.  
Many WILL LOSE EVERYTHING while others WILL RECOVER what has been stolen from them. 
Those who lose everything by earthquakes, by civil wars, by volcanoes, and by economic collapse will have heard the Words and Warnings, but CHOSE TO IGNORE them and rely on themselves INSTEAD of leaning on Me!
Those who have heard the Words of Warnings and PREPARED their hearts for the Time of Troubles WILL RECOVER ALL the devil has stolen from them -- NOT THE WORLDLY THINGS such as houses and cars and money, BUT THINGS ETERNAL such as joy, peace, love, and unending fellowship with Me!
My son, 2020 will prove to be a Year of Great Calamity and War!  …