Note: The Lord has recently begun reminding me of and leading me to re-read and to post for the first time the words, dreams, and visions that He gave me in 2017. Some of these words have been posted, but the majority have never been posted or sent out. These messages speak of the days we are currently living in and also of the days in our very near future. 

Message received on Sept 24th, 2017

Mark 13:14-32 (Please read and refer to all verses noted.)
23 But take ye heed: behold, I have foretold you all things.

My son, have I not told you all things that are going to come about? (He is referring to all things here in America as I had been praying and asking Him about the things/events that would be taking place in America.) I have told you of the Season of Hurricanes - which is not over yet. There will be more storms yet to come. 

Have I not told you of the Season of Earthquakes? These are now beginning, and as birth pangs, will get more intense and more in frequency.

Have I not shown you the Great Tidal Wave that will flood the East Coast? 

And have I not shown you the Troops Invading this country (America) to bring people into captivity?

Have I not shown you the Great Revival and Harvest of Souls that will come from the Four Judgments? 

Do not think that I have not seen the impatience of My Remnant. Many thought that I was coming for My Bride, but the time is not yet. 

(The Lord was referring here to the September 2017 Rapture date when many Christians expected the Rapture to take place but were disappointed as it was proven to be false date setting. It is much like today with the July 17th Rapture date which will also again disappoint many and will be proven again to be false date setting.)

My son, My Children, do not be in a rush to see the Judgments, for you do not have to SEE to know that they are coming. Just because you do NOT see it in the natural, does NOT mean it is not going to happen. ALL THESE THINGS HAVE BEEN PLANNED SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME.

My judgments are coming now. This nation (America) has forced Me to do this. Many, many will perish, but I do not want this to happen. I have shown you but a SMALL FRACTION of the death coming to this nation (America). Even with that, you could not speak on what you saw.

(The Lord is referring here to the several visions that He had given me regarding the destruction, devastation, horror, and death that He showed me is coming to America (and to the world also) in the days ahead. I was literally unable to speak of any of this to my wife for hours after receiving these visions. Every time I tried to speak to her to tell her of what I had just seen and experienced, I would only be able to weep and weep and weep. I tried again and again, over and over, but to no avail as I was unable to speak of it at all, and could only weep. The horror, death, and devastation is so far beyond any adequate description I could give. The Lord has shown and told me that most people have absolutely no idea and cannot even begin to grasp or fathom the magnitude of the death and destruction that is coming. MOST Christians are NOT ready for what is coming and will NOT know what to do when these things begin to happen in earnest. I will post these visions as the Lord leads.)

I am holding back as long as I can, giving ALL those in the path of Judgement a chance to receive Me. Many lives are in the Valley of Decision on the West Coast. I have told My People to leave by My prophets, by My watchmen, by My Spirit in the quiet times of prayer. Those that hear Me are leaving or have left. 

(There are also Christians on the West Coast that the Lord has told specifically not to leave as they are to remain there for a specific purpose and/or assignment and will be protected. That is why it is so important for us to individually seek the Lord to hear Him for ourselves and to know what He has for each one of us specifically.)

I am sending a 9.1 earthquake to wake up My People. If they still do not leave, the 12.2 will take them.  Do not doubt, it is coming very soon.
Messiah Jesus

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