Exodus 10:21-23
21 And the Lord said unto Moses, Stretch out thine hand toward heaven, that there may be darkness over the land of Egypt, even darkness which may be felt. 
22 And Moses stretched forth his hand toward heaven; and there was a thick darkness in all the land of Egypt three days: 
23 They saw not one another, neither rose any from his place for three days: but all the children of Israel had light in their dwellings.

My son, many of My People DO NOT believe I can bring three days of DARKNESS upon the Earth! Have they NOT read My Word?? I have done it before, and I am doing it again!!! This time, it will be unlike the time before, for men will be as animals when trapped!! I said before, this DARKNESS will be thick and can be felt, and the hordes of hell will be roaming in it, seeking whom they will devour!!

This DARKNESS I will bring will be both physical and spiritual. Physical - as you will see it and feel it. Your senses will react like nothing you have ever experienced. I tell you now as I told My People of old - Stay inside your house and do not go out!! Spiritual - because this DARKNESS is a direct reflection of man's unrepentant heart. Men will curse Me for the DARKNESS and NOT repent, just as Pharaoh's people did!

My son, tell My Remnant NOT TO FEAR when this DARKNESS comes! I will send a sign in the heavens alerting you, My People, as the DARKNESS approaches! Strengthen each other and comfort each other, for this DARKNESS will be glorious for My Remnant!!! Draw nigh to Me during this time, and I will draw you unto Me!

My Remnant, I have spoken to many of you to move to areas of safety. I have provided a way for each of you I have spoken to. You are My Mighty Men and will be used in ways that will amaze you!! Continue to talk to Me daily as I lead and guide you. 

Those I have spoken to to stock supplies for those Remnant fleeing the areas, continue to stock to give away and share. You, My Remnant, I will supply your every need as you feed and minister to My People. This will be a time of Great Revival!!!

My son, the DARKNESS approaches, but MY REMNANT WILL SHINE!! I am the light of the world, and I dwell in you!! Do not cover the light with a bushel!! Let your lights shine!!!  I love you, My Remnant, and I am with you!! Continue to seek Me in prayer. Continue to read My Word. 

Messiah Jesus

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