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Scripture Reference - Jeremiah 26:1-8
My son, I have called you to speak My words to this nation of wicked and perverse people, to speak My words in My house and declare repentance to a backslidden, stubborn people. I have pronounced judgment on this nation and upon those in My house who commit all abhorrent sin. My judgment is final, and I will not repent, for this house is as Shiloh, which I called Ichabod, My Glory Has Departed. 
My son, many will say, "This cannot be my church, for we walk in the spirit," or they will say, "Look at all the missions we support, we are so righteous." But I say they do those things in the flesh, I have no part with them. My true remnant body have been seeking Me in spirit and truth, not in the flesh. They live on their knees in prayer, and I bless them and protect them. But My remnant, the days of walking in great faith are here. The devil has come against all My remnant - STAND FAST!!! Be always in prayer for the battles will get m…

The Spoilers

My son, I have finally gotten the attention of some of My People. You see, the only time some of them wake up is when they see My Hand move over certain areas. That is why when this nation starts experiencing My Hand of Judgement moving across the land, then those who wake up will be revived, and revivals will break out like little fires across this land.
My Hand is moving the spoilers into position on the mountains of Israel. I have shown you the rockets packed with poison leaving Damascus, heading toward My People Israel. Many will die in this attack, and Israel will avenge. Samson will be used against Damascus, and the city will be no more. The stage is set.
VISION:  as soon as the Lord finished speaking to me, I was immediately caught up in a vision and found myself above the Earth looking down on the Middle East. At first, it appeared to me as a 3-dimensional topographical map. At that height, I only saw flags of nations that were moving towards Israel from the surrounding nations.…

Watchman's Cry

My son, I have set you as a Watchman to the nations, and your voice is My Voice. I have said to warn the Body of the coming judgments, and you did, but very few heard. I have told you to warn My Body of the coming war and captivity, and you did, but very few heard. I am now telling you, I am coming, get ready, and you have, but still, very few heard and even fewer believed. 
Thus saith the Lord, Time is out! I am coming now, be ready! This world is going to enter into a period where time will mean nothing. All that will matter is - How will I survive? My People do not know how to depend on Me for everything, but they will, or they will perish. The man they thought would make everything great again has brought judgment to them.
My son, My Watchmen have been crying the warnings only to be mocked and ridiculed in public. When the judgments begin in earnest, the people will remember the words of My Watchmen who have been warning for 70 years. My son, you may continue to warn, but alas, no o…

Perilous Times

My son, as you write the words I speak to you, many in My body do not believe perilous times are here. Many are believing the lying Hananiah's that say I am blessing everyone and everything. My people are blind and they want to stay that way, for if they saw the perilous times in which they are living, they would not know what to do. Some would run and hide, thinking out of sight, out of mind. Some would not even believe what they see and just ignore it. Very few would seek guidance from a pastor, who if he sees, would not know what to do. And even fewer would seek Me in prayer and ask Me what to do.
My son, the condition of the church would be likened to a patient in a hospital in a coma and on life support. This last generation will be the worst generation of all generations before. They have been so contaminated by a sinful world, they do not know Truth. But I am raising up in the midst of this profane generation an army of young people totally sold out to Me. This generation of…

Curse over America

My son, this nation is cursed by Me, and there will be no reprieve. Many false prophets throughout America say this nation is blessed. How blind and deaf are these who prophesy falsely in My Name. They say the money will abound as will the food, and many, many of My People follow these false prophets and teachers. This nation has been cursed for centuries, and as time now draws to an end, the nation is reaping what it has sown.
Question - I asked, Lord, what about all the Gospel that has gone out from this nation? Does that count as anything? 
My son, the Gospel has been shed far and wide by this nation, and the blessings that this nation has enjoyed is the fruit from all the seeds planted. But now, this nation has turned its back on Me and allowed all forms of godlessness to abound. I can no longer wink at the rampant sin in this nation. I have tried to wake up My People out of the coma they are in with mighty outpourings in past generations. But like always, My People fall back to sle…

The Voice of Blood

My son, the earth is crying to Me of all the innocent blood that has been spilled. The voice of the blood is crying out for vengeance, which I hear day and night without ceasing. My little ones who did not have a chance at life on earth now reside here with Me for all eternity. Cursed be the earth and the man who could have stopped the murder, but he did not. The blood that cries from the earth is now on his head. 
My son, the pride and arrogance of this man cannot be lessened. Those around him feed these demons and puff the man up. I am sending devastation to the land to avenge the blood of my innocents. I will burn the land with a fire that cannot be quenched. All those who assist or condone this bloodletting will perish with fire. All the buildings that this occurs in will be utterly destroyed and never built again. 
My son, this word is hard to hear and see, but the voice of the blood continually cries in my ears. The women that have allowed this abomination are forgiven if they rep…

The Fools Day

My son, have I not said that a fool will say in his heart I will ascend the Throne of the Most High? Many men have tried to be like God, but all have failed. Many men have promoted men who think they are God. Many men go after the riches of the world, hoping to be rich enough to be God. All these men have one thing in common - they want to be worshipped as God. Satan has filled their foolish hearts with his desire to be greater than God. 
The lying false prophets throughout time have always propped up these men, giving them what they need - worship. Although these men will not admit they need worship, I see their hearts, and that is all they seek. Trump does not seek Me. If he did, he would not be leading the nation to destruction. The Church is blind and only sees him as a savior, a Cyrus, because the false prophets say so. But this day, all are fools, they do not hear My warnings. My true prophets and watchmen have been shouting the warnings about Trump, but just as in times past, My…