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Why Sleep Ye?

My son, I asked My Body, Why sleep ye? The lukewarm Church is not praying, and because of that, have fallen into temptation. On this night, I spent with My disciples breaking bread and explaining all things to them, but even they could not pray with Me this night. They represent the Church, always sleeping instead of praying. Only My Remnant know what the hour is, for they have been praying. 
So many in My church have fallen into temptation, not only in the flesh, but in the spirit. Many have fallen into strange doctrines, and because they have not been led correctly by the pastors, they are not in My Father's will. Because they do not pray correctly, their prayers go unanswered. My son, I died for this world, yet I cannot get one hour of prayer for repentance. I was beaten so much, I was unrecognized by My closest friends and My family, yet I cannot get My Body to hear My voice.
My son, I am coming soon, be ready. Many, so many will be standing before Me saying, "But Lord, I d…

Satan 2

My son, hear My words this night, for I am about to do something that will cause shock and awe. I am right now moving across the face of the earth bringing into My house all those who will follow Me. My Spirit has not moved across this world like this since the Creation. My son, many people who once followed Me, but have backslidden will find My Spirit tugging at their hearts. I am coming soon; get ready to see a mighty outpouring from Me on man. The Pastors will not know what is causing the mass revival, but it is I.Many of My Remnant have been feeling something in the Spirit, but have not realized that I AM is causing this. It is a heaviness that weighs you down; you feel something different for the lost because you sense in your spirit an urgency. I am coming soon, get ready.
Russia will continue to provoke the world and threaten with new technology. Putin, I have now put the hook in your jaw, and you will now set your sights on My land, Israel.  You, Putin, have named your weapon S…

Vision of Volcano

This day while in prayer, the Lord showed me a vision, but it was not like any vision I had before. This time, I didn't just see or view it in front of me, I experienced it just like I was there while it was happening. I am at a loss for words and cannot convey just how horrified and completely overwhelmed I felt from this. The whole thing was so beyond my being able to adequately describe the horror and devastation of what took place. I was able to see, hear, and smell everything as it was happening all around me.
After it was over, I broke down and began sobbing and weeping. My wife came over and put her arms around me. She said I held my face in my hands and cried over and over, "I couldn't help them! I couldn't help them! I tried to help them, but they wouldn't take my hand! I kept trying to reach them to pull them out, but they wouldn't take my hand!" 
Here is the vision:
I had been praying and began asking the Lord to reveal to me what was coming. I op…

Correction Coming

My son, a correction is coming to a nation who has gone the way of pagans. I will correct this nation as a father would correct his wayward son. This nation has now eaten of Jezebel's delicacies and has grown fat on the bodies of My small ones, never allowed to see light or breathe a breath of air. You have elected a pagan to lead this nation and because My Church is so blind, they never saw his true heart. I have told My watchmen, yet no one wants to believe them. 
Correction is coming to this foul nation of selfish idolaters and wayward children. You seek My blessings, yet I will give you what you need - -correction. My son, your father used a belt for correction which was just, but I will use My judgments on this nation which is just. I will correct this nation in measure, bringing about My rod to different areas. Those areas that have flooding, they will be worse than years before. Those areas that have storms or tornadoes will be worse than before. Those areas with fires, thes…

House of Desolation

My son, I have shown you how America will become a house of desolation. The king has become a sore upon the backs of the people who made him king. As I said to you before, he is not hearing My voice but is only hearing the voices that surround him. The false prophets and corrupt advisers have led the king away from Me and will now face the consequences of those fleshly decisions. 
My son, I told you months ago that the reign of this king would only be evil, and the voices he hears are advising him down a path of destruction and desolation. My people who are still asleep, worship this man and say he was put there to bring blessings and to bring about a moral change. You blind, foolish people!! I put that man, Trump, in the position to bring about judgment on this land and upon My house. You think he is a man of peace, yet I know he is a man of pride, and his pride will bring war. The sin of this nation is great, yet this king has made it clear he will not change anything to bring this n…

The Snare has been Laid

My son, the snare has been laid and this nation will stumble pridefully into it. The church is not even aware of the trap, for they are too focused on receiving blessings. This snare has been set because you, My beloved church, have strived for it. I have opened up My armory and have brought forth My weapons of indignation for this time, saith the Lord.
My son, I will send forth from the utmost north a nation that will take everything by force, nothing will be left standing. Your young men will fall in the streets, and your women will be ravaged. All the men of war will be cut off, and a great wail will go up from a nation once proud and strong. Behold, I am against you who thought you could be great again; never again will those words be heard. Hear me now saith the Lord of Heaven's Armies, this nation will fall in one hour, and the Bear will devour it's prey.
This nation has stumbled and fallen, and none will help pick it up. Because of the arrogance and pride of Americ…

Stand on your Giant

My son, in the days ahead, all of My Remnant will have to stand on the giant. The giants are areas in your life that have not been brought under the Kingship of the Lord. The coming chaos will test all who call themselves by My Name. The trials ahead will test the very faith that My Remnant must walk.
The delusion will be so strong that many who call themselves by My Name will be decieved. This coming deception will be performed by fallen angels. The world will follow all they say blindly, as will most of My People. My Remnant will be outspoken and shout out the warning I give- to turn away and not hear. The remnant will be the most hated of My People, BUT  I will empower My Remnant; they will not fear but walk in great faith.
I will guide My Remnant into all areas and will come and go at will. My Remnant will be strong in faith; nothing will shake them. As the grand illusion is in full swing, My Remnant will be cutting heads off of giants. My Spirit will lead them into all truth…

The Beginning of Sorrows

My son, I have said to watch, for no man knows or can guess when I will snatch up My bride. I have many watchmen warning My people to watch, but they (the people) do not hear. I have My watchmen warning of the coming judgments, so terrible that many men's hearts will fail, but they do not hear. I tell My people to watch and pray for you do not know what hour My judgments will begin. Many watchmen have spoken of Three Days of Darkness, and it will surely come. Many have spoken of the man of sin, Obama, and he will be OF the horns, but not THE HORN. Many have spoken of natural disasters, of earthquakes, floods, stars falling from heaven, volcanoes, tsunamis, and many other things, but I told you those things will come, and they are the Beginning of Sorrows. Many of My watchmen have spoken about the coming wars; I also told you that will be a sign of the End of Days. My son, I have called my Remnant to watch - watch the mighty works I will do to bring the lost world back…

It's a Trap!!

03/9/18 My son, the trap is being set. All the players are moving into place. Just as Amnon set the trap to rape Tamar, the king of America is setting a trap. The North Korean leader is also setting a trap which will lead to the kick-off event. While the king of America looks to fool the leader of North Korea, the leader of North Korea has men in hiding that will attempt to kill the king. The king of America survives; however, the world is now thrown into war. These words are true, and this event is the kick-off to much bloodshed. There will be a nuclear bomb explode in the king's city that will be said to be North Korean, but that is a lie. The bomb will be Russian; however, the nation will not know that. Men in high places do know, but nothing is done about it. Israel will be attacked from all sides and is forced to destroy Damascus with nuclear weapons because the rockets that rain down are chemical, and many of My people perish. Israel will defeat her enemies at great co…

The Hour of the Church's Visitation

I was getting the impression as He was speaking that the Father was heartbroken and weeping for His children because they are deaf and will not hear to be ready for what is coming.03/07/18
My son, I have heard your cries for forgiveness and repentance for this nation, but I have turned away, for this reprobate people are a stench to My nostrils. My people who call themselves Christians are neither My people nor Christian. They do not know Me. They only care about looking good, looking holy, looking religious like the Pharisees. My true people are the ones on their knees before My throne daily. They are the ones you know by their fruit. My true remnant move around unknown to most, but I see them and the works they do and the hours seeking Me. My son, even though you and others are shouting the warnings, My deaf church WILL NOT HEAR!! They have been force-fed baby food and will not know the hour of their visitation. I said yesterday, "I Am Coming - Be Ready," but no one hear…

I AM Coming, Get Ready!

03/06/18 - Byron Searle
My son, today I sent out the word to my watchmen, "I Am Coming - Get Ready!" My watchmen who heard My cry must sound the alarm. They must blow the trumpet to all this nation and to the world. What - you think you are the only nation with My watchmen? No, I have a remnant all around the world who bow their knee to only Me and hear My voice.

Today I set a marker in time. Today I have blown the Trumpet of Judgment, and I say to My watchmen and remnant, "I Am Coming - Get Ready!" This world is ready to explode with My fury and fire! Sound the alarm! The judgments are here, and no one is prepared for what is coming. I have tried to shake the church awake, but they go back to sleep. I have tried to wake My church by sending hurricanes, but they went back to sleep. I have tried to wake the church with My prophets, but the church would rather believe the lying prophets that speak of peace and safety in this world. My son,I Am Coming - Get Ready!

Blow t…

The Day of the Lord is upon You!

3/4/2018 - Byron Searle
My son, this evil people who refuse to hear My Words, who walk in vain imaginations of their hearts, and walk after other gods to serve them and worship them, shall be as good for nothing. For I have spoken many times of the coming judgments, but the time to warn is over. My people will now know that I, the Lord your God, have had it with a selfish, stiff-necked people!
My judgments are now falling on this backslidden nation, a nation who once was proud to be called a Christian Nation, but now cannot even draw a breath to utter My Name. This nation who led all other nations in speaking the truth to the lost has now become a nation of lost. My people who once spoke My Word in power and faith now speak as ravenous wolves, only seeking to please the flesh. You are Jeremiah's girdle - good for nothing!!
The false Hananiahs telling my people they are all good, it's the systems that I am judging -- LIARS!!! I am bringing my judgments on a backslidden, rebellious…