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My Angels have started to Beat the Earth

January 26, 2018
This vision was given to me while I was in prayer. My eyes were closed and I heard the Lord ask me, “What do you see?” I looked and replied to Him, “I see darkness.” A few seconds later He asked me again, “What do you see?” I looked and saw an object that appeared to be a blue sphere, but it was out of focus, and I replied, “A blue ball.” Then He asked me, “What do you see now?” And I looked and the blue ball came into focus and I could see it was the earth. As I continued to look at it, I could see that it was shaking or vibrating. I replied, “It’s the earth, and it’s all jiggly like Jell-O.”
Then with that, the scene was pulled back and expanded so I was able to see more on both sides of the earth. There were two enormous angels, one on each side of the earth. They had huge objects which appeared to be sledge hammers. First one angel struck the earth, causing it to jiggle and shake. Right after that, the other angel struck the earth and again it jiggled and shook. They con…