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Woe to you, America!

November 21, 2017
The Lord says: My son, my judgments are now come upon this world because men continually worship and serve other gods. I am not on men’s hearts. I am a passing thought or curse word. They have no fear of Me, thinking to themselves I am just a myth. Well, I say, Ha! What surprise they will have when I take away their false god of money, when I take away their false god of entertainment.
I am a holy God, and I will not have any gods before Me. I will send great earthquakes to various parts of the world, but the people of this arrogant and prideful nation say to themselves, ‘Better them than us.’
How dare you be so callous, Oh America! You were founded and blessed by Me, now your heart is so cold and hard. I will bring this prideful nation to her knees in one hour, and so quickly will My judgment come that people will stand with mouths agape. Mighty earthquakes that will strike on one side of the world will build pressure to be released on the other. During the season of e…

My Body is the Walking Dead

November 1, 2017
“My son, hear My voice and write these words. I am come unto My body, but they do not know Me. I am treated as a stranger in My house. When will My body stop all the fighting and come together as a body? Every part has a function, yet parts of My body want to cut off and throw away other parts. This has been the plan of Satan all along – keep My body fighting among themselves, divide My house so there will not be love nor power.
My son, My body is The Walking Dead. They have no life, and what life they do have is corrupted. Sure, there are some churches that teach the truth and fear God, but the majority of churches do not teach, preach, or speak the truth. They are worldly to the core, and though they have an appearance of godliness, they are dead. They walk in dead and walk out dead. They are not thankful or happy. They sing of love and faith, yet they have neither. The Walking Dead.
But My son, all that is going to change, for I am bringing about My judgments to stir …