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In That Day

My son, I have heard your cries, and in that day, My Spirit will be poured out upon all flesh. In that day, My Spirit will flood the Church, and the Church will reign in power. In that day, My mighty hand of judgment will come down hard on this unrepentant nation. In that day, I will weigh heavy upon the hearts of men. In that day, they will seek me during all hours because of the chaos in the cities. In that day, I will hear them that truly seek Me, that truly repent, that open the door of their heart. In that day, I will love My Remnant body, being full of mercy and grace. The Remnant will be strong, slow to anger, quick to forgive. In that day, you will see the True Church, My son; this is what it is all about, since the beginning of time. 
As my judgments start, I will have mercy. The end time harvest will begin. Catastrophe and chaos will be the sign; this will be the start. Shelter in My Word! Seek Me only! Be ready for all to happen! I love you, Amen.
Scripture:  Isaiah 2…

The Word

I received this word a month before the big solar eclipse.
My son, My Word is quick and sharper than any two-edged sword. My Word will soon become more precious than gold. Men will seek My Word but not find it. The day is coming that anyone who has My Word will be persecuted. My Word will be confiscated and destroyed. Hide My Word so no one will find it. Gather copies to give out, but be very careful who knows you have copies, for men will get rewards for any copy of My Word, and a greater reward for the person giving them out.

My son, perilous times are now here. Guard your heart and mind to false doctrines and false teachers / prophets. Listen for My voice to lead you. The sky will turn red and the clouds will flee away. This is the time spoken of by Joel. The last days, the end of days are now starting, and the Mighty Hand of the Lord of Hosts is now smashing this world. The day of darkness is at hand; be ready next month. My warning is sure. Continue preparing - time is runn…